Book Update

This project has been a long time in the works – I first took a memoir writing course back in 2006. Now I have a close to final draft, and am crafting a book proposal for my agent to shop around to publishers hopefully starting after labor day. Why a book proposal rather than just showing a publisher the book? Turns out for non-fiction books, the publisher wants the author to help them understand who will read (and buy) the book. It includes ideas about who the audience will be (hopefully you!), what other books that have sold well might be comparable, who I am (i.e. can I do the work required to drum up interest in the book), and then some sample chapters. I hope to have this document polished up and ready to go by labor day! And what after that? If I am lucky enough to find a publisher, likely another round of editing and at least a year before I have a real book in my hand.