My Memoir

About My Memoir

Lady Cow Vet tells the story of a young woman determined to be a large animal veterinarian when she started veterinary school in 1974, at a time when the field was almost entirely men. The book starts in 1978, when I graduated from University of Pennsylvania College of Veterinary Medicine, summa cum laude, yet could not get a job as a large animal veterinarian, because most practices were all men, and they couldn’t envision a woman doing the job. I finally got a position in Utah, where all my clients were Mormon dairymen, and the memoir describes my adventures and how I ultimately succeed as the Lady Cow Vet, the nickname the dairymen gave me. But balancing marriage with work is too much of a challenge, and my hippy husband isn’t happy that I work all the time, and he is stuck in Utah, when he wants to be playing music with his brothers in upstate NY.

The book is not yet published, but I’ll let you know when it is. I’m in the early stages of trying to get it published. In the meantime, I’ll post some supplementary stories here, and keep you informed when and where you can get the book once it comes out.