So many of my friends in veterinary school had grown up riding – ponies, dressage, jumping events. They were comfortable around horses in a way I never would be. I learned enough to be able to do the basic veterinary care but never had any confidence. The high strung race horses that came to New Bolton, U. Penn’s large animal hospital, scared me half to death, particularly when I had night treatments and had to go in the stall to give them injections.

I have posted in Outtakes a story of me having to deal with an emergency that involved a Clydesdale horse. The dairymen kept teams of these huge horses for the popular pulling contests at the state fair. They knew I didn’t like horse work, so they left that to my boss. This is the story of when my boss was not around, and I had to tackle my fear and the skepticism of the dairymen. Hope you enjoy it.