When I was an intern at Utah State University in 1978-79, there were no women veterinarians on the faculty. After the internship, I joined a local large animal practice focused on dairy cows whose practice area extended up into Gem Valley in Idaho. I believed I was the only woman veterinarian in the state of Utah and maybe also Idaho.

Recently, I decided that I would love to research if that was true- was I really the only large animal women veterinarian in the area? I have reached out to the Utah Veterinary Medical Association, and the Utah Licensing Board to ask if they have any data on the number of women vets from around 1960 to the present.  The Utah licensing board doesn’t have information year by year but they did tell me at from 1960 to present there were approximately 730 licenses issued to women. Today, there are 1000 veterinarians practicing in Utah (all genders).

If you have any ideas of how to gather this information, let me know.